Elster Silberflug´s artistry skillfully marries many stilistic genres without abandoning the medieval musical tradition, medieval ideals are not lost in history, but are being rediscovered in our own times of similar enlightenment. Years of pessimistic idealism are being abandoned, the vision to free oneself from the narrowminded perspective that the world offers, and from the conception that one is an isolated struggler in a world of foes, has initiated a renaissance in the realisation of man being a unifying element with all creation. The great medieval symbol, the Wheel of Fortune, is once again turning, rekindling in the hearts of the minstrels the desire to inform all of the eternal games that life playfully beholds.
Elster Silberflug is a consort for medieval and renaissance music, and also for German folk music. since many years, we have been playing on beautiful castles and maketplaces and in the concerthalls of Germany and the surounding countries,
Music of the medieval wayfarer and vagabond.
Music which rang in the streets, markets and taverns of times gone by.
Music of the minstrel and the troubadour.
The essence of this epoch has been captured by the "Elsters" since 1973, when we began our venture into the land of our musical fore-fathers and the pursuiance, in their footsteps, of the minstrel lore.
     Our quest is to spread across Europe, through our music, tales of the secrets of nature, of human aspiration and destination, the vanity and fraility of human nature, the desires of the young and the sceptisicism of the old, - always in mind, the imperishable quality of love.
Our extensive repertoire includes songs written by the famous minstrels of the time, - Walther v.d. Vogelweide and Neidhardt v. Reuenthal, Saltarellos from early-medieval Italy, wild dance-tunes danced to, by the countless peasants in the villages and towns in central europe and many texts and melodies out of the great historical song-book called "Carmina Burana". A collection of worldly songs about love, drink, life, authorities, money and all...
Elster Silberflug sing in German, mittel-hoch-deutsch. Italian, Spanish, French and English.
This year we will be travelling to many renaissance-fairs (mittelalter Märkte) around Germany.
If you are in Europe, visit Elster Silberflug on one of the markets and experience the real thing - a band of troubadours in colourfull costumes, singing and entertaining the scores of visitors who come to see, feel and hear the medieval-times......today!
If you want to order any of our CDs or have questions regarding medieval-music in Europe, please
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